Andromeda was founded on the belief that every brand has the right to set the highest standards of performance in a market that is saturated with media suppliers and companies.

It is for that specific reason that we have scoured the world in search of the best-in-class technology that can address a performance marketer's toughest challenge - Driving significant ROI from their marketing dollars.


We have spent countless hours and days scouring the world for the best technologies out there that have a proven track record in driving high performance with a lean-forward, high quality audiencewhile employing the best-in-class behavioral and anti-fraud technologies in existence

Exceptionally high Reach

Responsive Ads with data driven insights

Smart Act-Alike model ensuring high conversion 

Over 200+ Behavioral targeting attributes

State of the art Anti Fraud technology


As experienced performance marketers ourselves, we understand the challenges behind performance marketing and we are happy to promise you the following: 

  • We will always strive to perfect our approach in order to deliver the best results possible to your brand. 

  • We will always work around your KPI's to the best of our abilities. 

  • We are always open and will act on constructive feedback so we can enhance our products and services. 

  • Customer reports dictate the final numbers billed on the condition we have access to customer dashboards to monitor and optimize campaigns as we see necessary.


With our state-of-the-art DSP, we are able to connect brands with relevant, high quality audience, in turn driving the highest ROI's.


Efficiency is the key and from our extensive experience, we can help brands identify, capture and convert relevant audience.


Leverage the power of Key Opinion Leaders in the region to drive high performance.

Tell us your KPI's.... WE MAKE THEM HAPPEN!
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